i love u*
Wednesday, November 24, 2004
HmM.. sO fAr yEt sO nEaR.. hAvE u EvA feLt sO nEaR tO diZ oNe pErSOn yEt u cuDnT hAf dE peRsOn? wEL.. fOr mE, i aLmOs fELt iT.. bUt wEL.. wAd kUd i dO? i rAtHeR bE a fReN.. sEriuSLi.. yAp.. FiNaL aNsWeR.. uHuH.. Ok.. fOrGeT iT k.. i dUnO wAd jUz bEfaLL mE.. LoL.. oK.. tOdAe.. hMm.. 24/11/04.. iS a dATe i wiL tRuLy cHeRiSh.. wEL.. oF cOz dEr R oTher dAtEs.. bUt toDaE aSo iS.. cOz iTz LikE dE fiRsT & LaSt dAy iM gOiN oUt wiF mY beSt fReN hAfiZ.. aLoNe.. uHuH.. yEa.. wEL.. cOz u NoE hOw diFfiCuLt iT iS whEn sO mANy ppL hU aRe nArRoW-miNdEd aRe aRoUnD? hMm.. aS LoNg aS dE gUy hU LykS mE doEsNt c uS, iTz sAfE aR.. sUmOr hE LivEs nEaR.. sO wE sELdOm cAn gO OuT.. sAd.. niWaE.. i hEaRd hUi & hiRzi mAyBe wiL bE oN tV?? gAwd! dAtz wAy KoOL!!! HaHa.. k.. LeMi tEL u wAd hApEn tOdAE..

sUpoSE tO miT at 2.30 pM.. i wAs vEri pUnCtuAL.. gOd! i hatE tO bE pUnCtuAL sEh! cOz uSuALi dE pErSoN wiL bE LatE.. iSh.. hAhA.. rEaLi sEh.. wEn iM LatE, dE pErSoN eArLi.. wEn i eArLi, dE pErsOn LatE.. rEvEngE eH? hAhA.. dEn i wAiTeD aT dE vOid dEcK dEr uNtiL aRd 2.50.. i cAL cAL.. nUmbEr Bz.. dEn i reaLi cuDnT tAkE iT.. i stArtEd rEtYiN mY hAiR & sTuFf.. dEn fiNaLi i gOt thRu dE fOnE.. hE jUz wOkE uP frM hiS sLp! gD or wAd? bUt hE aRriVeD 10 miNs LatA.. oK.. nOt So bAd.. wAiTEd 30 minS at whOLe.. bUt iM a gErL foR gOdS sAkE.. hAhA.. giF cHaNcE LaR! dEn wE coL pPL uP.. nObOdi hOmE.. dEn aTLaSt wE gO hAfiZ'S AuNtiE hOuZ.. cOnDO sEh.. hAhA.. wHen i sAw hiS aUnt, i sEnSe a aBiT oF fAmiLiaRiTy.. bUt i tHoT i diNt nOe hEr.. wEL.. hOw RoNg i wAs.. oK.. LeavE dAt fOr LatEr.. hAHa.. dEn wE stAyeD dEr qUitE LoNg cOz wE pLaYiN pS.. hAhA.. & sUmOr rAiNiN mA.. LoL.. fUn aR.. cOz dE cUzZiNz wEr hiLaRiOuS.. eSp dAt tOopiD hAfiZ.. hAhA..

dEn We LeFt.. & dE hOuZ wAs vEri nEaR pUngGoL pArK.. i pRActicALi hAd tO bEg hAfiZ tO gO dEr.. hE wAs sUcH a SiSsy.. hE diNt wAnA gEt WeT.. hAhA! bUt wEL.. hE hAd tO GiF iN oF cOz.. u hAf tO dO aLoT oF giViN iN whEn iT cUmS tO mE LAr.. *wiNkS* hAhA.. dEn i aSo hAd to pLeAD hAFiZ tO pLaY dE sWiNg wiF mE.. hAhA.. dEn hE finALi gAf iN.. AGAIN.. hEhE.. bUt hE diNt pLaY.. jUz sAt.. & dAtz wHen hUi caLLEd mE tO tEL mE dAt sHe wAs iNtERviEwEd aT oRcHarD! wOoOw! wAy kOoL.. hiRzi'S fAuLt La.. hAhA.. bUt i tiNk uR mUm wOnt bE dAt uNrEaSonAbLe hOr? hMm.. i wAnA c U gUyZ sEh.. i mEaN dAtz LikE PowEr!! hAhA.. wEL.. dEn mE & hAfiZ tOk aLoOt aR.. bT oBviOuSLi i wAs dOiN mOs of dE LisTeNiN.. bT i dUn miNd.. I LoOovE 2 LisTeN.. yEa.. i mEaNt dAt.. iT fEeLs a biT tOo mUcH sUmtYmEs.. bUt mOs oF dE tYmEs.. i dUnOt miNd aT aL..

dEn wE hAD tO LeAvE wHen sUm kiDz caMe bY & dEy wAnTeD tO pLAy dE sWiNg.. gRoAnS.. bT i NoE hOw hAFiZ fELt.. hApiE La.. hAhA.. hE caNt wAit tO LeAvE.. LOL.. (my fingerz reali hurt.. haha) dEn wE waLk dE LoNg wAy tO avOiD aNy biKeR gUyZ.. LikE i tOLd u bFoRe.. dEn i wEn HoUgang mAL.. hAd tO bUy sUm sTuFf.. dEn i bEggEd hiM tO tOuR dE maL cOz iTz de LaSt tYmE oUt wiF hiM mAyBe.. gEeX.. dEn i wAs sEaRcHiN fOr dE mUsicAL bOx.. bUt nOnE.. hAiZ.. dAt wAs dE BeS bdAe pReZZ i gT sO fAR.. fRm sAshA iN p6.. tAnX aLoT.. i diNt eVeN xpeCt aNy prEz frM hEr dAt tiMe.. hAhAx.. dEn dE maL sO bOriN.. dEn LeAvE LoR..

dEn gO hOmE bY dE mOntfOrT wAy.. to aVoiD biKeRz.. AGAIN.. hAiz.. gOiN oUt wiF bEz fReN aSo mUz bE LiKe cRiMiNaL LidAt.. hAiX.. bT nVm.. iTz fUn tHouGh.. dEn hE tOLd sTuPiD sToRieS aBt hiS sKoOL.. sO bAd sEh.. i wAs rEaLi sCarEd mAn.. nOt jOkiN.. bUt iM nT pEtTy.. sO i diNt gEt AngRi oR wAdsOevEr.. bUt dUn hE dAre dO tAt aGaiN.. hAhA.. dEn gO hOmE.. dEn hEre i Am.. k.. rEaLi2 pAiN Now mY fiNgErS.. wAnA reSt.. TaTa!!!! MuAcKx!!! (",)

dar loves u. 11:49 PM.

\\\\\\LiFe'S gReAt??//////
hEy! goOd mOrNiN pEePs.. eVrYtiNs pLaNnEd i gUeS.. iM nOt gOiN tO mY pRi sKoOL gAtHeriN oN tHuRsDaY.. hEeX.. sOri gErLz.. bUt dE rEaL rEaSoN iS i wiL fEeL VeRi LeFt oUt.. u nOe wAd i mEaN.. iM gOiN oUt wiF hUi & HiRzi iNsteAd!! cAnT wAiT.. bUt iS 3 pPL a gOoD idEa? gEeX.. i rEaLi dUnO.. sHuD bRiN oNe mOr tO bE oN dE sAfE siDe Eh? hMm.. wEL.. NiwAe.. dE fReAk hAfiZ finali cALLeD aT aRoUnD 4 LidAt.. aCtuALi wE wEr gOiN, skALi mOz oF dEm nOt at hOmE.. sO wE gOiN tOdAe.. yEa! dEn yTd i wAtCh pCk! NiCe!! hAhAx.. LyDiA nOt bAd AsO.. bUt vEri dE LaMeEe! dEn i wAtcH My mIgHtY-iN-LaWs.. iM bEgiNniN 2 LovE iT! hAhA.. weL, dEn.. SiGh.. fArhANi bRokE uP wiF hEr gUy aReDi!!! i wAs sO sAd tO hEaR dAt.. & shE wAs AcTuaLi LoOkiN 4 aNoThEr 1?? u nOe hOw bLoOdY shOcKeD i feLt dAt tiMe.. i wAs aT dE bADminToN cOuRt aT dE tiMe & i wAs sHoUtiN ''OMG" aL dE wAy.. hAhA.. dEn aFtEr a fEw mOr SmsEs.. shE wEn bAcK tO rEaLiTy.. tAnK gOd!! bUt i fiL sAd fOr hEr.. bLOoDy bAsTaRd siA dAt guY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wAd dE? i tHoT hE wAs gOoD!!!! gUyZ.. i rEaLi giF uP sEh.. i mEaN hE chEatEd On hEr!!! hOw dArE.. hE'L gEt dE cOLd sTaRe fRm mE nXt tiMe i c HiM mAn.. I nV kNeW hE wAs dOsE KiNd oF tiMeR.. wA LaO eH.. iF gOoD LOoKiN nVm La.. dEn sTiL wAnA tWo-tiMe.. & i tHoT dEsE dAyZ oNLi gErLz tWo-tiMe.. sO, dE tRuTh hAs bEen rEvEaLed... bOtH aRe jUz dE sAmE.. wAdS rOnG wiF dEsE pPL aNiwAe? LeR.. U chEaT oN PpL, dEn iF pPL chEaT oN u, hOw u bLoOdy fEeL??!! LeR.. I dUnNnN uTd dEsE pPL aT aL.. i JuZ wiSh i kUd.. hMm.. wEL, i wiL sOoN.. k La.. i hOpE tOdAe wiL bE rEaLi kOoL.. & tO gErLs & gUyz hU aRe aTtAchEd Out Der.. pLz tReAsUrE uR gF/bF.. dUn tAkE dEm fOr gRaNtEd K.. byEeEe.. =)

dar loves u. 7:57 AM.

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