i love u*
Monday, November 01, 2004
***bEin sinGLe tOtaLi Rox!!!***
SiNcE IM LikE sOoo DaMn BorEd.. I sHAL tEL U AL mY LovE LifE stORy AIt.. HEhE.. k..

It bEgiNs LikE dIS, DEr wAs a gErL.. She wAS 13..she wAs a vEri HApi gErL..sHe LovEs To smILe And alWaEz LookEd ON dE bRite sIdE of TingS.. She sAW maNi LovIN couPLes TogEdEr.. dEy WeR LiKe so haPI bEin togEdEr.. sHE tHOt She wud LiKE to gIF it A tRy.. buT SooN, ManY bOys hAf AsKEd hEr.. But She fELt vEri rELuctAnt.. dE moMEnt dEy asKEd.. It wAs LiKE hEr fReeDom was bEin tAKen awAy.. ShE rEjEctEd ALL of dEm.. But She fELt saD for dEm Too.. sHE ALwAez BLAmeD hErSeLf WhEnevEr She REjectEd dEm.. But SHe Thot.. dat wAs sTuPId.. IsiT Rong For heR tO rEject dEM? Itz Not As iF sHe HAd No choicE.. sHe hAd sEen thRu hEr fRenS exPEriencE.. WhEn Itz a brEakUp.. How much teArs wUd FLow.. sHe fELt dAt HAvIN a bF wAs NO usE.. itZ Like.. taKin Ur tiMe Off tO be wIf A gUy.. U cuD do dAt aNytIMe.. NOt Now.. noT whEn u StiL hAf to StuDy.. nOt WhEn ur fUtUre Is stiL NOt dEtErmiNEd.. nOt NoW.. BuT OftEn, gUyZ dO noT uTd WhEn sHE sEyz sHe's Not rEady.. Y cANt dEy? jUZ gEt IT Wont dEy.. Juz tRy tO undErstAnD.. dAtZ wAd sHE wantEd fRm A guY, sUMoNE Hu cAn Utd HEr.. And cArEs foR hEr.. And rEaLi LoveS HEr.. BuT aL Out dEr ArE jUZ dosE hu wAnTs A gF for dE sAkE of HAvin ONe..

ShE tuRnEd 15.. HEr fRen HAd A bf.. sHE fELt QuiTe LoneLi at tIMes.. She fELL IN LovE wiF dIS gUy.. she Dint reALizeD dAt dE guY she WanTed Aso LikEd hEr.. So sHe dEcidEd tO giF it A tRy.. dEy gOt togEdEr.. sHE thot evRytin wAs gONA be Ok.. It wAs HEr firsT expEriencE.. ShE feLt QuitE coNfUSed At tImEs.. sUdEnLi, TingZ tURnEd OUt fOR de wOrsT.. ShE gOt jeLeS vEri eAsILy.. dE gUy wAs fLIrTin Wif sO manY gErLs.. sHe cRieD ALmoS evRidAy.. HEr WorLd of hApinEs BcAMe misEry.. BEin AttAchEd wAs A LIfE of SadnEsS.. HApinEss Was diFficULt to Obtain.. She wAnteD to gEt OUt of dE sad WoRLd.. Now DAt shez ATtAchEd.. sHE seLdomS looK on dE bRIte sIde.. sHE tRiEd tO cuT hEr OWn HandS.. ShE dinT do daT wHEn sHE was singLe.. shE diD Not evEn dArE! shE thOt it Was StuPid! but Look wad dE guY diD to hEr.. sHe dEcided to brEak fRee.. Tz woRLd iS NOt foR hEr.. dEy bRokE up.. HE kindE dUmpEd HEr..SHe fELt vEri vEri sAd.. HEr lifE bcAme A biT dIffErEnt.. She kud not get uSed to It.. ShE fELt So cRusHed.. He LikEd Hiz Ex.. He StiL LIkEd HEr.. It Was tOO cRushIn foR hEr.. BUt 2 dAyz LAtEr.. dE gErL LovEd him Too muCh and dEY pAtchEd Up.. But One dAy, sHE caughT him red HAndEd sIttIn wiF anotHer gErL, sHE fELt dAt thIs hAs to eNd no mattEr wAd.. It has tO eND.. NO MORE MISERY.. And So.. sHE rOte a LettEr.. A vEri tRUthfUL oNe.. ExpREssEd evRytin.. And dEr.. She DumpEd hEr.. De NExt dAy.. wAs hEr bdAe.. sHE wAs singLe.. And fReE.. & vEri vEri HapiE..

This stOry taUght Me hoW mUch dIffErEncE dEr wUd BE if I was sINgLe or AttAchEd.. I hAf mAdE a voW To bE singLE unTiL I gEt OUt OF BOwen sec.. If cAn, I wud mAke dE voW Longer.. I hAf sUffErEd iN reLAtioNship.. ANd wuD nOt LiKE tO do So AgAin.. Was It cOZ i chosE dE roNg gUy? oR wAs it aL dE sAme Wif diffErEnt guYs? i Dun dArE tRy agAin.. unLess dEr Is rEaLi a guY hU cAn ProvEs to mE He WiL rEaLi BE dE onE dAt i Need.. dErefOre.. sIngLe rOx.. It rEaLi dOes.. :)

dar loves u. 4:57 PM.

||||||Ho HuM||||||
HeLoOOo!!! gOod MOrniN dEAriEs.. I hAD rEaLI stRangE drEaMZ bfOrE wAkin Up mAn.. N i MEan WeIrd!!! HaHa.. k.. TOdAe Is trEkIn dAy.. cANt wAit!! bUt i HAvEn EvEn pAck SiA!! HaHa.. OkOk.. LEt Me PoUr ouT my fEeLinGs fIRsT.. I, wAhEedAh, IS sO pAthEtiC, dAt No MAttEr wAd i dO, wiL Nv fAiL tO huRt my freNs fEeLInGs!!!! ArgH.. sEriUs sEh.. I tHougHt dAt i cuDnt Hurt UR fEeLings tOO MucH dAniLAh.. sO daTz Y i fELt dAT i cUDnt Hurt u ANyMorE.. But i End Up hURtin si Hui.. tIS is AL tOo cONfuSinG Eh.. nO MAttEr Wad i dO, I enD up hURtiN ONe Of Ur fEeLiNgS.. *gEeX* NiwAe, I NOe i oWE U a Big ApoLogY.. SO SORI SI HUI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hAf aLwAez BeEn LikE dis I nOE.. i aLwaEx dUNo wAd tO dO wHEn i gEt my fRen AngRi.. CoZ i dUn rEaLi aLwaEz gEt inTo dIZ siTuAtiONs.. And If i Do.. I aLwAEz tRy tO run awAy fRom IT yEAh.. BuT suMtimeS i tRy tO rEsOLvE iT dErE anD dEn.. niwAe, I wAs bLog HoPpIn N LooOkin At OthEr Ppl's blOgS.. dEir bLog Is So dAMn fuLL Of MISERY.. & I rEaLi mEAn misEry sEh.. vEri tROUbLEd PpL lidAt.. CoME on pEEpx!!!! U cuD aLWaEz LoOk On dE brIghTEr sIdE yA.. LifE hAs It Ups & dOWnS.. WhEN iT gEtS tO dE dOWns.. U Juz hAf to gEt It ovEr Wif.. & U wiL rEALisE iT wAs jus A chALLengE u HAf To gO tHRougH iN uR LifE evRy Now AnD dEn.. i NoE tYpIn LiKE dIZ is eAsy.. BuT u HAf tO chAngE ur Mind Set dAt dOIn It IS eAsy tOo.. I meAn, evEn i Did it Eh? Oh yA, I MISS U, JUNAIDI!!!!!!!!!! ArGhH.. i wIsH i Kud C u ON sAturDAy.. But NvM, AtleAst I gt SmS u.. hAiyOooO.. hEhE.. niwAe, YTd PLAyEd bAmInTOn wiF HAfiZ & fAuZi SO fUN!!! hAhA.. dEn LidAT LoR.. k La.. dAtZ AL fOLks.. ***HaPiE HApiE***

PhRAsE of dE dAy:

i WisH dAt ONe dAy U wiL mIs ME sO muCh dAt nO mAttEr how HARd U LoOk foR mE, U woNT fINd Me..


cOs I wAnt U tO mISs ME dE wAy im misSin U nOW..

dar loves u. 10:50 AM.

[ i love u so.. ]

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